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selection of media work
descriptions, statements & excerpts

YOU/RE RAZOR EYES                                                                                       

Digital transfer from 16mm film for single or multi-channel installation. 

Description:  An etho/ethno/graphic study and serial film (multi- or single-channel) with Reno as arbitrary locus. ’Script’, images and sounds were collaboratively derived through complementary ethological and ethnographic experiments. The first was an epistolary collaboration with Lisa M. Wardle, (then) an inmate incarcerated in Idaho’s Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center. Our correspondences were based on imaginary encounters we shared in Reno, and served as ethnographic-script for the second ethos/ethno study undertaken by me in areas surrounding Reno. Lisa and I offer a series of gestalt switches between correspondence as written exchange and mimetic connection; film as surface and as proposition; skin as border, sheath and medium. The title a similar sort of confusion of caustic gesture and tautological violence: pointing to a “you” that is both cutting and being cut; an aperture, an enclosure; a thin membrane. etc.

Roleconcept, script, cinematography, editing, sound design&mix

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THIS THING ( ) one&2                                                                                     

Digital transfer of 16mm film; 

in camera and generative (Max/MSP/Jitter) editing

for single & multi-channel installation. 

Description: Meditations and encounters in thought-thing-gesture all imaged with a spring wound 16mm Bolex-- resulting in a distinctive machinic and tensional rhythm.  

Role:  concept, cinematography, editing, sound design

#3: the two jars: water from clay to silver to clay from silver                                                                  

Action in the most heterogeneous-crowded-heart-public-square of Bogotá.

Description: Video documentation for the third of four actions conceived and performed by Eleanora Fabião on August 27, 2009 in Bogotá's Plaza de Bolívar. The actions contributed to a series of urban interventions curated by Dioscórides Pérez for the VII Hemispheric Meeting on Performance and Politics to examine the staging of citizens in relation to demands for cultural rights. This series provided a means of engaging with spaces and citizens in the urban context. 


Eleanora Fabião is a performance artist and theorist, and an Associate Professor in Theater Directing at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Dioscórides Pérez is a Professor (Visual Arts) at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá. 

Role: Videography, editing, sound design. A representative sample of my extensive record in documenting performance work, and international collaboration with performance-based artists on stage and in less sanctioned sites.  

SA C                                                                                                          

OG edit: single frame (J/K) optical print/re-photography of 16mm print;

Digital transfer of 16mm film; digital sound edit 

Description: To carry on, and count back. the experience of a Sometimes we experience as being like a sack, other times that we drag along in a continuum, and sometimes with seemingly an infinity of gaps between the two. If this was once a chocolate fetish film called Rebirth, and shot in Paris, it is reborn here as a different public act, and a choreographic cinema, now carried, and so named this

sa c.

Role:  concept, script, cinematography, editing, sound design&mix


Collaboration; Site/urban transaction; spatial algorithm 

Description: Chance choreographic operations (courtesy of Zena Bibler, and company) is witnessed by/with an automated control (tracking algorithm operating as editing score). Some things sometimes scale/Some others do not. Here, control (aesthetics) dances with climate (control).


kinda algorithmic, kinda aleatoric. 

Role:  concept, cinematography, editing, sound design&mix


Stop motion animation, remix. 

Role:  concept, script, animation/cinematography, editing, sound design&mix


16mm; 33min


Originally a kidnapping film to become a speculative non-fiction, explores the construction of intimacy and longing, fields included trailer parks, easter, and cleaning. I hoped enact a species of public solipsism feigning genuine intimacy while eliciting privileged access.

Role:  concept, script, direction, cinematography, editing, sound design&mix



16mm; 18min.


Description: An experimental/performative ethnography combining scripted and unscripted elements. Where it feigns, it also gives.

I was interested in making strong documentary objects become secondary players to the apparatus itself. While it endeavors to probe the gritty, human truth of its subjects begging the ethics of a tragic-comedic presentation; it continuously drifts into the pleasure of its own perceptual apparatus. Like Narcissisus beside himself, it ecstatically consumes its own image. Despite its pretense of “truth 24fps”, “Nectar” as both machinic and representational device merely uses truth as a stagecraft in order to become its own spectator. The authenticity, or fidelity with its objects of observation become merely indexes of its own structure. “Nectar’s"subjects are not speaking, they are “speakings” whose disclosures are the reflecting surface enabling the apparatus a view of itself. Ultimately, Nectar leaves any reckoning of perception and narcissism unsatisfied. 

Role:  concept, script, direction, cinematography, editing, sound design&mix

For inquiries (excerpts from longer 16mm works, full filmography, etc.) send me an email:  


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